Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, along with the hip-detachment comes a spin-off blog... the solo adventures of amy will now be documented at 
... check it out!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where's the WARM SUN?!

Today is Thursday, April 10th and its SNOWING. I guess thats ok, but still, I like sunny weather better. Good news is that this is Boulder and the weekend should be in the high 60s! Anyway, lets see, since Tuesday, I've done heaps of riding - Tuesday I had the pleasure of riding 3 hours with a few new friends out here, one whom I'd never actually met in person but had been emailing with since last Fall! Finally! I ended the day with a tasty Chipotle burrito and a tour of the Slipstream headquarters with Daimo. Kim, the friendly financial manager (?), was working late, so I was able to also meet her. Yesterday I got to ride for over three hours before meeting up with Cheynna and twenty little 2nd thru 5th graders for an after school bike program! We took them along the bike path, teaching them how to call out "Rider up!" or "On your left!" They were like little ducklings...very cute. I may also volunteer next week, if my *busy* (haha) schedule can fit it in - Oh, and the kids want some "REAL pros" - so all you "Pros" reading this, you should come too!!! By the time we were done, they couldn't wait to go in for some snack, and we parted ways so that I could also head home for a "snack" (or, rather, a HUGE dinner with lots of ice cream for dessert). I bailed on a night out and sank deep into the creases of the couch. Tomorrow is an exciting day 'cause I get to go pick up Monsieur Lim from the airport. He's got a few weeks home in the states before again heading back to Girona for the big deal Euro races.

Now its time for me to go see if that climbing machine that I follow actually wants to ride in this icky snowy weather.....

And for those of you who know my yiayia (greek for grandma), she's going through her first chemo today, so send good thoughts her way!! ...S'agapo, Yiayiamu!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Finn's 2nd Birthday!!

I waited until tonight to write a post for Finn's birthday (which was yesterday) because I needed to have a photo to show off my favorite little 2 year old. So here's to you, Finny-finnster on your big 2nd birthday!! I was sad not to be there to celebrate with him and the rest of the Seeber/Huysmanns crew, but I was thrilled to get to actually talk WITH Finn on the phone yesterday, instead of the usual one-sided phone conversations. His vocabulary is rapidly increasing and he melted my heart with a "Hi, Alie. I love you, alie. i miss you....BALLOON!...." and then silence as he dropped the phone in search of a balloon floating around the house. I can't wait to see the boys when I return home for a few weeks at the beginning of May.

Weekend Fun!

Dear Richie,
This weekend was FILLED with fun times. On Friday, the sun came out and allowed for a beautiful climby ride up to Jamestown and back over Lee Hill, where I even encountered a few familiar faces (although they were slightly contorted due to the strain of monotonous intervals - YUCK.). I spent the afternoon walking around downtown with a friend, eating tasty paninis and then heading out to North Boulder where I was responsible for the care of Ryder, a friend's dog. Saturday morning welcomed more sunshine and a group ride with Steph and some of her co-worker friends. We met at Amante, a local coffee shop in NoBo (yeah, i'm gettin' down with the lingo here). After getting through a very windy first 10 miles, we began our epic assent to Ward. The climb to Ward is 15ish miles with the last 1.5 miles at about 17%, I was told. It is a beautiful climb, and now one of my all time favorites. After a lovely 50 mile day on the bikes, and only one mechanical, we parted ways only to reconvene a few hours and showers later up at Steph's beautiful home. We spent the evening jumping on her HUGE trampoline, cooking tasty food, playing ping pong, gaining both geography AND oceanography trivia knowledge and hangin' out on the 13 grain red leather sofa. Unfortunately, this meant we had to split from another group of folks who wound up downtown for a night of music and drinks - Hopefully next weekend we can figure out how to do it ALL!! 

Yesterday was a bit windy and left me with the choice to either ride out to cheer for the folks racing in Superior (I'm still too scared to enter races against these girls just yet), OR go for a 5 mile run. I chose the run and am paying for it in blisters and sore muscles today. Oye. I had a lovely evening out on the town; burgers, sweet potato fries and some drinks with friends. Still excited to get my massage school started, but until then, I'm soaking it all in and enjoying the life of a Boulder-ite. 

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Good To Be Home!

Party in my cube. Note the disco ball.

It's been just about a week here back on the east coast, and it's nice to be home. I trust that the nice weather will be along shortly. I'm getting back into the swing of things at work, and have even had time to ride my bike most days this week too! Otherwise it's been a productive week - I'm officially suburban now, as I signed a lease today for a new apartment in the center of Andover. I forgot to take pictures of that, but I promise it's awesome. I did, however, stop by Jordan's Furniture on a whim after work, and... several hundred dollars later, I find that I'm already the proud (soon-to-be) owner of some lovely furniture

I'm looking forward to playing with my new bike team this weekend (don't worry, just a new road team! i'm still on team e-RICHIE), and spending some time in Northampton too.

I took this picture last weekend at home, which, for me or others familiar with Dalton, is hilarious. This house sits at the end of Dalton Division Road, which is the road that runs along the town line between Dalton and Pittsfield for two miles. All my life this house has been just plain white... I get home last weekend, and the house is half scraped-down, right down the middle of the town line. The house is now painted white on the Dalton half and black on the Pittsfield half of the property, as if the town line cut it right in half.  ... ... Okay, so it was funny to me.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Reality sets in...sort of...

Amy and I may have parted ways, but don't worry folks, we still talk/text/email daily. She has made a smooth transition back to the life of an office lady and is happily accepting any and all assignments. The weather back east has even been kind to her, allowing for some outdoor sunny riding while I, on the other hand, was caught in a snowy blizzard after 30 minutes on my bike yesterday!! 

As for me, my journey continues to morph and develop, as I meet new friends, potential future co-workers and adorable kids. Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking care of two of the most adorable and well adjusted 5 and 7 year old boys I've met in a long time. (Don't worry, Jack and Finn, you're still my absolute favorite 4 1/2 and 2 year olds!!) The boys didn't bat an eye when they awoke to find just me, a stranger to them, in place of a parent. They welcomed me right away with stories, treats and enticing offers to let them stay home from school to play the wii and read books. Cuteness abound. Below is a shot of my other source of income...

My job as a 'personal assistant' to a local bike racer out here is also continuing smoothly. I've met some great people through him and the team. I use the term "job" lightly, as its more of a "hang out, have fun and support when necessary" role, than a mundane job.  Tomorrow night I'll be attending a birthday bash BBQ for my current hostess and a bunch of cycling community members. I've got about a week "off'' now while the boss is racing Redlands. 

Till next time...hope this quenches your blog thirst, richie :o)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Homeward Bound

Yeah, I'm even going to blog from the airport. The separation is going well so far, I guess... at least I'm taking it better than Strongbad did. Mostly I just had to say that the Grizzly Rose is possibly the coolest place ever, and i'm so sad that we only discovered it tonight on my last night in town. We stayed long enough to hear an awesome opening band, and Alie and I decided that we need to learn some country line dancing. We've already got the outfits, so why not! Today was actually the second day in a row we decided we needed to learn a dance - yesterday's decision was this instead of country music. Can you picture it?